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I drink too much, I cuss too much and I'm a sure thing on a first date. On this Cooped Up podcast about life, current events, gay shit, not gay shit, parenting, crazy experiences, adulting, people who annoy us and lots of other mess, you'll likely get to experience two out of three. And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky...but you'll definitely get some laughs.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Cooped Up with Kerrie

    My BFF Kerrie is here to dish...about vanity plates, face masks, Devil Wears Prada, mardi gras houses, bad movies to watch on dates and more. ...


  2. Ask Me Anything!

    I'm a little light on pre-planned content today, so I'm welcoming any and all questions that you might have. Have you ever thought, "I wonder what Cooper thinks about this?" or "Why does Cooper do such-and-such that way?" or "What type of <fill in the blank> does Cooper use?" or ...


  3. Hair Care & Jeep Repair

    Ever the renaissance man, Todd replaced the muffler on my Jeep Wrangler AND gave me a haircut this weekend. Add that to the list of things that have surprised us about ourselves during the pandemic! Also, my kids think they've cleverly found a ...


  4. Feel The Bern!

    The Bernie memes are killing me, y'all! Also, an update on Claire's mission to bring a bearded dragon lizard beast into our house, how I'm fixing my Facebook feed and "shopping small." ...


  5. Cooped Up With Kerrie: Inauguration Edition

    Kerrie and I are wiping our eyes clear of patriotic tears (and those of relief) to compare notes about today's big show. We'll also see how she fared after the vaccine last week. ...