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--- Cooper Koch ---

I drink too much, I cuss too much and I'm a sure thing on a first date. On this Cooped Up podcast about life, current events, gay shit, not gay shit, parenting, crazy experiences, adulting, people who annoy us and lots of other mess, you'll likely get to experience two out of three. And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky...but you'll definitely get some laughs.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Adulting

    Warning: This episode of Cooped Up Live is filled with adult content...and by that, I mean things that only happen to you when you hit middle age, like picking out towels or hurting yourself in ridiculous ways. ...


  2. A Very Stimulating Weekend

    This weekend was very...stimulating. (No, not like that!) Just lots of sights and sounds for someone who's been wholed up for a year. Also, do you have a funny Ambien horror story? Some folks here do! ...


  3. Celebrating Mason!

    It's Mason's 12th birthday. Let's celebrate my (not so little) boy! ...


  4. So THAT'S What You Look Like!

    It's so weird seeing people for the first time without a mask, right?! Also, do y'all keep losing your masks now that they're not required everywhere? I do! ...


  5. It's Been A Minute

    Catching up on the long holiday weekend and kicking off Pride month! ...