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I drink too much, I cuss too much and I'm a sure thing on a first date. On this Cooped Up podcast about life, current events, gay shit, not gay shit, parenting, crazy experiences, adulting, people who annoy us and lots of other mess, you'll likely get to experience two out of three. And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky...but you'll definitely get some laughs.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Is It Really Only Tuesday?

    Does anyone else feel like today should be Thursday already? Nothing bad. Just already feels like we're further along in the week!   LINKS: ...


  2. Easter Weekend Recap

    Just got back from a long lunch with a friend I haven't seen in over a year! Also, Easter weekend recap and why my daughter is so pissed at me. ...


  3. Who Are You Calling An April Fool?!

    Hope you're having a prank-tastic April Fool's Day! Can you believe I've been doing these live videos here for A YEAR this week?! Also, I'm talking about my greatest irrational fear, signing the kids up for vaccines (already, yes!) and Little Nas X. ...


  4. Pre-Pandemic Daze

    Today was possibly the most "pre-pandemic" day I've had so far...morning meetings, working from the car, loooong lunch with a good friend. Just like old times! ...


  5. It's My Mama's Birthday!

    Celebrating my Mama today! Also, talking about allergies, why Cards for Humanity embarasses me so much and The Peach Truck. ...